Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Fantastic free powerful love spells that work fast

    If you are in love and don’t want to lose your partner from life; this could be the position with any of the couples who want to immortalize their love and relationship for a long. With such perfection, they often want to attain some of the points which are competent enough to work wonders with such criterion; options which are specific in their ways to remain successful with the motive of love perfection. 

To chance the same in life, they try out several of the tricks or spell which only claim such things in their works and not with their work efficiency; almost several of the magic spells in the world of internet are attained with the specifications of fraudulent measures. It is better that you have knocked this article page to recover such problems in life; it will help your concern and faith with a free yet efficient trick in order to restore life in an easiest manner. Free Powerful love spells are used by several in order to sustain their love and scuffle with any of the jeopardy situations which are coming to your life in order to affect its way with disastrous possibilities. 

With such perfection, you will feel that love life has truly attained some faultlessness with every aspects of love; it will grow sincerely with time and nobody will ever get the chance to affect such points in it. Hey, you can sincerely manage to avoid such faults from your life; just by saying these chants every morning before opening your eyes in bed,

My love is mine, love and desire
It is mine to remain forever with life and cause
Mine forever and forever with time and every tide in life
My love is mine, love and desire

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The powerful bottle spell for bringing in love

We all have heard of these bottle spells which have been used by witches when they cast magic. Here below you would get to know one such powerful spell which has far reaching results with immense success by all those who have used them properly and precisely. All that you need to do while you perform this spell is to keep with you few things which have been enlisted below.

To start with, you require a jar of glass as well as some spring water. Take a strand of your hair and some chocolate and vanilla extract. Keep a rose quartz stone with you while you chant this spell. IT is preferable that you perform this spell on Fridays when the powers of love are strongest as Venus; the planet of Love governs that day.

Keep all these ingredients in this glass jar. While you put all these in the jar, visualize within the love that flows I your life as it flows into the jar. Once you have put all the things into the jar, close the seal and bury the jar bottle in sand, preferable below a banyan tree on next Friday night. While you bury the same, you would need to chant the spell has been given blow:-
source :

“Oh powers of universe
Listen to me I pray
As this jar of bottle is buried deep within your bosom
Let the ingredients in the same
Help you to bring the ideal partner in my life
I beg you to listen to my prayers
Grant my wish
And fill my life with charm of love”

Once you have said these lines, bury this jar deep within without anyone seeing, else its effect would get destroyed. Once you performed this spell, go home speak to none about the same. This should be between you and the powers of the universe.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Love spells to attract an ideal partner

If your life is dull and there is nothing new happening. If you have been carving to have a genuine lover in your life but have found none till now, then here is the mantra for you folks. With this little spells and portion you can get your ideal partner for the while lifetime. Source:

Hard to believe…it won’t be if you follow the same and experience the results. All that you would need to perform this spell is 1 cup of ocean or saline water, preferable if you can river water. Take some powdered pepper and rosemary. Take 5ml of olive oil, 5 ml of jasmine oil and 5 ml of lavender oil. Mix all this ingredients well in a silver or iron bowl which has not ever been used for any other household use.  Now sprinkle the same near your home. While you sprinkle the same, choose full moon night, better done on Fridays when the heavenly powers are at its highest.

While sprinkling chat the spell:

“Oh powers of the universe
Listen to me I beg
Send me the person
Who would love me a lifetime full
Send me my love I beg you
Oh powers of universe hear me I beg

When this powder touches your bosom
Oh mother earth
Send in your immaculate powers
To bring my ideal lover to me
Listen to me oh powers of universe
I beg you
Hear my prayers
I pray”

It is best if you can sprinkle the same near the person whom you want to attract but again it is against the policies of magic that you cannot force anyone to do anything against their will. So it is best to perform the love magic on you such that person who loves you truly would get attracted to you.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

White Spells

When it comes to magick, white magick is usually recommended to avoid harm someone. It is also recommended for begginers who are eager to learn the occult sciences. This article will surely help you to know more about white spells for love, money , protection, or anything good you want to achieve.

And remember , if you are not an expertise with spells it is much better that you hire a professional!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Get to know more about free spells

With lot of hype on the various kinds of love spells which are being published every other day, the value, relevance and the quality of spells are slowly getting lost. In reality, not all spells work, as not all are genuine ones. You can get to find various sites catering to free spells services, but be wary as not all are genuine ones. Life is tough and getting things done the way you want is even tougher. Hence this requires some amount of dedication and sacrifice from out part when we want something or carve for something,

If you looking for any particular kind of spell then all you need to do is to use relevant keywords and check for the same in various prominent search engines. You are sure to receive better and relevant results. But remember that just searching for best love psychics and using the first received result is not the way to go about the same. Check for some word of mouth reference, testimonials, etc. to have an idea on the genuineness of the site. So the next time you perform candle spells keep in mind the fact that, never embark upon a spell just because it is easy or attractive, instead take it up if you have the real faith to work upon the same for obtaining fruitful results.

Friday, 6 April 2012

how to cast a spell

It is important to learn how to cast a magic spell, for instance if you want to cast a love spell you need to have certain skills and also you will need to have some ingredients.
Firstly you will need to cleanse your aura, be pure in order to get good results from the entities you will ask help to. you also need to know which entities are the one you requiere to ask. each entity has its own kind and color of candle to be used during the spell cast! So please do a good research before starting! If you are casting a spell to get an ex back please be careful not to mess with his free will. Most white magic spells respect peoples free will. As an experienced practitioner you should know this! if you don´t please ask to your supervisor! or to a wicca order!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

do you need money?

You can borrow money from the one who cannot claim himself as “immunity” from US law residing in any states of the US. Today money is the most indispensible thing to pay, buy goods or to provide financial stability.

Loan cannot be used or rather termed as regular income but it found its definition when being borrowed from somebody as immediate money to mitigate cash shortages. I need money , There are several types of loans available & are offered legitimately by monetary institutions. These loans if borrowed fulfil your immediate needs as cash advances. Though in general people boarded into banks to avail loans but there are few whose unethical ways of money borrowing can left them to regret later.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Voodoo magic spells

Many view spells as complicated procedures which takes a long time to finish and there exists no guarantee that they really work, but in reality these spells work orders when performed with great faith and utmost patience. Voodoo Spells work on the philosophy of nature where the powers of nature are harnessed or aroused to get your wish lying deep within your heart to be made true. There have been several books which have been written using this same principle where one can awaken the powers of the universe by activating them.

There are several kinds of potent powers existing in and around us; all that we need to do is to activate them. Spells does this. The basic principle of any spell is to ask the powers of the universe to get your wish granted. The universe is like a genie, which grants all your wishes, as your wish is its command. But when you ask for the wish, you need to do so with utmost faith that your wish would e granted and live as if you are enjoying the happiness of the granted wish.

Among the innumerable number of people who look for various kinds of spells, the most searched one is the love spells. Most of these best love spell which have been published on net have really worked wonder sin one’s life. The simpler the spells, the easier they are to perform. The basic reason why simple spells work better is due to the fact that when the spells are simple, it becomes easier for the individual to work upon the same maintaining all the intricacies. A complex spell might have a whole lot of stuffs to be done, which humanly if missed upon, might not give fruitful results.

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Magic spells that work

Do magic spells really work?

Witchcraft is not a hard science, it relies on beliefs and emotional skills. Spiritualists will tell you that magic spells work in a constant basis, on the other hand some skeptic persons will deny any use of occult magic. Witchcraft can be used for many purposes, the most common one is love spells but you can also find money spells, protection spells, curses, hexes, and beauty spells .
love spells and other kind of spells should be casted by experienced practitioners and never by newbies or unexperienced or very young people!

Thursday, 13 November 2008


Rune sorcery is nothing but invoking the energy from Nature that surrounds us and manipulating it to a sorcerer’s desired effect. It is the science of magic, using the human mind. It differs from spiritual magic in that, spiritual magic deals with the unnatural knowledge of the Spirit world. It varies from divine magic as the latter focuses on the powers drawn form gods/goddesses.

A sorcerer aiming to employ rune sorcery may do so in two ways. The first is by using the knowledge of the runes to create sentences called castings. Casts are usually flexible, thus powerful. This may be difficult to master and takes a lot of time. The second way is by formulating a spell that can be used only for one intended purpose. Its inflexibility renders its less powerful. But this is easy to master. Learning spells can be comparatively easier than casting a new sentence. Due to this spells can be learnt from someone who is familiar with them or from books too...

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